Pamela Clayfield

Because everyone has a story to tell...

Haven of Secrets... new novel!

At Christmastime, 1947, a group of friends goes out to celebrate… love, marriage, family and the approaching New Year.  Hours later, a shooting has shocked and devastated the small village of West Montrose, shattered belief in Good and destroyed lives all in the name of jealousy.

Seventy years later, Haven Weiler, and young artist and newly minted designer moves into the house with her aunt and uncle who plan to turn it into a B&B as their retirement project giving Haven full reign over the designs.  During clean-up they find hints of dubious past events in an old wooden box with GBH carved into the lid and a secret compartment holding a most unusual item… a shell casing.  Letters, a diary and diamond rings leave a trail to more questions.

Told by multiple voices across time Haven of Secrets is a story of love, jealousy, secrets, murder, loss and redemption.

Looking for Camp?

I know it's been a few years but I've had some health issues to deal with and now have a new job as well so it's just not possible yet.  Stay in touch.  Feel free to send a note letting me know you're interested.  Obviously we can't gather for the summer of 2020 but maybe we could do something online? 

Also considering doing an online workshop... stay tuned but best to follow me on Facebook!


Some of my books are available for purchase at The Button Factory as well as floral note cards and bracelets.  25 Regina St. S. Waterloo.

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