Pamela Clayfield

Because everyone has a story to tell...

Pamela the Author and Instructor

Writing is the only thing that, when I do it, I don't feel I should be doing something else. ~ Gloria Steinem

More than fifteen years have passed since I first put pen to paper and hand wrote my first novel.  Times and technologies have changed in that short time and so has my preference for writing!

When I spoke in my daughter's class in the spring of 2010, I discovered a great need: the need for creative writing classes in this area.  When I asked the class who wanted to write a book, the show of hands blew me away.  More than half wanted to write a book or write for a newspaper at some point in their lives.  I initially developed the Kids R Write curriculum which has evolved tremendously and now...

Writing workshops are available for everyone starting as young as 10 years old.

Pamela lives in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada with her daughter and close to her parents and brothers.

She started writing in 2001 and has a diploma and BA in Creative Writing as well as a diploma in Photography.



She is the author of:

To Love Again
At Sunset
Til We Meet Again
Let the Dream Begin
The Journey Home
Mystery in the Attic
The Writing on the Wall

Her first YA/New Adult novel--Changes in Time
The Trinket Box
Confessions in the Mural

Besides writing and photography she enjoys reading, swimming, walking on the beach at the trailer and watching movies.

What's Next?

I have started a sequel for Mystery in the Attic actually but I don't know where that's going.  I have also thought of a title The House on the Hill but I'm not sure of the storyline it will bring... I would like to incorporate the paranormal back into it again with a ghost from long ago.

Where Does the Paranormal Fit In?

When I sat down to write Til We Meet Again, I got really stuck.  I'm very keen on the 'paranormal' world (though I don't like to call it that), anything to do with ghosts, psychics, reincarnation, I love to explore it.  I wanted very badly to intertwine two separate life paths into one and after working on it and conferring with my friend and psychic Dan Valkos ( ) this book came to be what it is, the story of two people in this lifetime whose paths cross with two people from the past.  I revisit the past in Mystery In The Attic when two people meet in an unusual setting and it's that setting that starts sending out messages.  When these two people work together to find answers, their own relationship grows and they put to rest a long unsolved murder.