Pamela Clayfield

Because everyone has a story to tell...

Learn something New...

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a writer?
Have you ever wanted to write a novel, or something else creatively, but didn't know where to start?
Take our Writing Workshop for Adults where we'll touch on the basics you need to get started or take the full program and be ensconced in writing, with other writers.

Kid's Corner

Do you...

like to write?
have a wild imagination?
tell the best stories anyone has ever heard?

Do you wish you could find a place where you fit in and can write, write, write?

Cursive Writing Classes

Parents: Frustrated that your child hasn't learned Cursive Writing in school?  Let them take a class!!

4-week program on the basics of Cursive Handwriting to kids ages 10-13.

Learn how to form each letter and how to connect the letters. The main focus will be on creating their signature.
There will be homework and parental assistance may be required.

Regular Program

Ages 10-13 years

Topics include: 

Writer's Block & Brainstorming
Plot, Characters & Dialogue
Editing, Publishing, Book Titles (Oh MY!)
Manuals, folios and notebooks are included in cost

Writing Camp

Ages 10-13 years

Topics include:  

Plot & Deepening Plot (the juicy part)--this includes subplot
Developing & Strengthening Characters (everyone has a dark side)
Novel Structure
Developing Ideas & writing plans
Writing a Series

In addition to all of the above topics, we will also have writing related crafts/activities and plenty of writing time.

Writer's Camp notebooks, folios and pens are supplied.

**These classes are for kids who have a passion for writing to give them an outlet for that passion.  It does not replace the assistance that may be required by your child's teacher**